With years of experience performing in virtually every kind of situation, for people from all walks of life, The Amazing LARMAY is an extremely versatile entertainer. There are many different show plans and packages available to select from, you can be certain that The Amazing LARMAY will bring an act that will suit your entertainment needs exactly. Below you will find a brief description of just a few of the show plans that The Amazing Larmay has available.

The Amazing LARMAY: Magical entertainer Joseph Larmay, in addition to his acts as The Amazing Larmay, specializes in tailoring acts and shows for specific needs, themes and situations. During his career he has tailored acts such as those listed below: His talents have been presented in Night Clubs, Theaters, Conventions, Fairs, Industrial Shows, on Television and aboard the Cruise ship the SS Emerald Seas.
The Mysteries and Humor of LARMAY have taken him throughout The United States, to the Bahamas & Central America.
On Stage or Close-Up he knows how to captivate and entertain his audience. With over 25 years of experience as an Illusionist, Sleight of Hand Artist, Balloon Sculptor and Fire Eater, LARMAY is a diversified entertainer. Click here for more details
The Moo-gician: An Act of Magical Cow-medy and Moo-steries
The Moo-gician will butter his way into your hearts as he performs one "cheezy" trick after the other as he "milks" it for everything he can. A show that is udderly entertaining and absolutely Bovine.
Magic Cowboy Joe: Whether on stage or wandering the grounds you will find "Magic" Cowboy Joe performing magic with the flavor of the Old West. Imagine the straight-shooting fun as people are herded together for some magical horsing around. They will be roped into mystery and branded with humor as "Magic" Cowboy Joe saddles into their hearts. So check your six shooter at the gate, hang your hat to the mysteries and you will die laughing in your boots as you witness the Magic of Cowboy Joe. - Be a good bounty hunter and make sure you catch "Magic" Cowboy Joe. You'll be rewarded with a great time!
Doc Magic:
The Egg-stordinary Magician:
What can Mr. Balloon Man make with a balloon? Lots of Smiles and even More Laughter. Whether close-up while strolling or on the stage with a 20-30 minute fun show, his silliness and balloon sculpturing is sure to make the children laugh!


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